Keep hair tangle-free

Jate hair is annoying and painful at the same time. Tangled hair, curly hair is more painful than normal.

Rupacarcabisayaka a worn on the hair to get rid of some of this is mentioned carefully.

Trim the ends of the hair: the tip ends burst means being thin. The thin hair jatao easily bind. Phamta tip to get rid of the hair to be trimmed regularly ends. The jatao less hair fall and breaking down the problem.

Shampoo every day is not every day when you shampoo your hair’s natural oil rinse. As a result, hair becomes dry, and the base is damaged. Natural oils on the scalp helps to keep hair healthy and soft. That does not make the hair tangled. Dutina days a week will be needed to shampoo.

Hair is not open: open tangled hair is tied down quickly. Often try to tie up the hair so loved. Dutinabara Keep the hair comb and jhuti or beni.

Hair care mask: to keep the hair moist and provide nutrients required by the rules of the use of masks is necessary. Suitable for hair mask can be made with domestic ingredients. Therefore, to understand the needs of different types of hair mask can be used. Masrina are less healthy and tangled hair.

Avoid ‘styling tools’ regular ‘streitanara’, ‘Carla’ or ‘hairdryer’ due to the use of the hair becomes dry and brittle. Jatao bind easily to dry hair. The extra “As a result of the use of hair styling tulasayera phamta, etc. broken increases. So every day styling tools’ usage habits will have to leave.

Serum, and the use of oil: a special type of spray, serum and cream are available. As a result, the use of a masrina worn on the hair and make it less jatao. Hairstyles understand the serum or cream to choose. The exemption from regular oil, but the problem can be found in the tangle.

At the tip of the hair conditioner use: from the middle to the tip of the hair conditioner can be used. The hair will be soft. Moreover, for dry and damaged hair conditioner should be used.

Avoid cosmetics kemikala: kemikala rich shampoo regularly use hair becomes dry and pranahina. Such hair is jatao dam. So kemikala cosmetics should be avoided. It is important to make sure that when buying shampoo alcohol. Choosing the hair care and cosmetics made from herbal ingredients will benefit more.