Ranbir’s fight for Bobby (Video)


Bobby is returning to the big screen with ‘electricity’. At the end of last year, the song ‘Party Party Party’ is very interesting and interesting. Now, on the occasion of the Love Day, the new song video has been uploaded on YouTube. The song titled ‘Horror fly mind’ has already been seen more than 150,000 views. The lyrics are very sweet, ‘what do you care for me bribe, fly in the mind fly, fly fly, fly?’

Bobby was seen to romance with the hero Ranbir in the song. It has been appearing in the vicinity of the lalayamayi dhalide. Bobby played Super Man in the film ‘Bijli’. The film is being produced from the banner of the heroine home production Boubter Films.

Ilayas Kanchan, Ahmed Sharif, Mizu Ahmed, Dilara Zaman, Misha Saodagar, Amir Sirajee, Shimul Khan, Border and Kolkata’s Century Rai, Raja Pramukh were also portrayed in different roles in ‘Bijli’ by Iftekhar Chowdhury. Zahid Hassan and Anisur Rahman Milon have played the role of guest. The film has been camera-bound in four countries including Bangladesh. VFX has been in Hollywood Jazz Multimedia as the distributor of the film

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