eat before sex


The physical structure of each individual is different. And due to physical structural differences, food demand is different. However, doctors think that it is good to eat special foods before men and women have sex with each other. According to the treatment, know what you will eat before sex, and what you do not eat-

* Usually before the sex planes toast can eat. A little butter, too much The bread is not anything else. Besides, the white part of the egg can continue. Sausage or salami are not at all.
* Forget about drinking coffee before sex. Licker tea can be companion. But fish or chicken can run in the night. No other meat.
* Cook broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, green salad, cucumber, mushroom or tomato.
* Not French fries. If you want to eat potatoes, it is good to be perfect.
* Egg, Chicken, Mtton – Roll, Biryani will not do anything. Eat meat as lightly as eating meat.
* Wine is good. Tequila will run. But there is nothing else in Sura’s tribe.
* Do not pizza, eat pasta. But it is also good to drink pop karn before sex.
* You can eat ice cream, but it should be low fat.

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