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safiye akgün
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⁣Kırmızı Balon PAT PAT | Eğlenceli Çocuk Şarkısı

safiye akgün
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⁣KIRMIZI BALIK Sevimli Dostlar ile en yeni kırmızı balık çocuk şarkısı | Bebek Şarkıları

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⁣কিছু কিছু ভালোবাসা সৃতিতেই রয়ে যায় সারাজীবন

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⁣Bihar_Status of Women_Struggle. Here is for another master piece which I created under FTII umbrella. It was a great learning and experience.

Present to you a short story and one of the example of what women go through in villages or in towns. The struggle is never ending, let's all educate each other and spread awareness of our rights to change the society for better.

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#ozoneentertainment screenplay& Direction: Navil Ahmed Ovi
Cinematography : Kamrul Islam Shubho

Story: Tania Ahmed
Cheif assistant Director : Abdullah Al Mamun

Video Editor : ষাইফ ঋাষেল

Makeup Rakib Raj Sarker

Tune & Singer :- Rb Munad

Music :- Piran Khan

Lyrics :- Anwar Hossain Ador

Tanjib Sowrov

Cast: Farhan Ahmed Jovan|Tanjin tisha| Siam Nasir Hossain Ahmad Masum| Ihtisham Ahmad Tingku |M K H Pamir | Toufiqur Rahman Rain

Assistant Director : Asif Ahmed Hayat Joy

Producer : Qazi Saif Shariful Khan

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⁣Live a Little - Hindi Drama Short Film | Ft. Manav Gohil & Shefali Singh Soni
⁣It starts with an after-party sequence. It is late at night. Nimisha, 26, struggles to get a ride back home when Atish, 46, sees this and offers her help. She refuses at first but eventually agrees. The journey gives Nimisha a peek into her boss's life. As they reach Nimisha’s destination they are ready to move on in their lives, but the night has more to offer them. Due to a sudden turn of events, they end up under one roof and despite their differences, they help each other get a new perspective

Unexpected Encounter - After-Party Ride Leads to Life-Changing Lessons for Boss and Employee

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Cast & Crew:
Director: Shefali Singh Soni
Executive Producer: Anuj Pandey
Producer: Shefali Singh Soni
Sound Mix: Parth Saraf
Editor: Pranjal Joshi
Cinematographer: Sourav Yadav

Manav Gohil: Atish
Shefali Singh Soni: Nimisha

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⁣You Changed Me - Inspirational Short Film | Hindi

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⁣নতুন সংসারে তুমি আর আমি ❤

নতুন সংসারে তুমি আর আমি ❤

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⁣ ঠাকুরমশাইয়ের সাথে দুষ্টুমি হচ্ছে! 😝

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⁣শালি দুলাভাই

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